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It's more fantastic than any dream…” 

– R. Bradbury

“See the world.

– more than a travel agency!


Due to our personal experience Europe meets Chinahas been the recurrent theme of our offers and projects, which are as colorful and diverse as life itself. 
My team of specialists in and from China and Austria strives to create incoming and outgoing between China and Europe in order to make personal wishes come true and fulfill specific requirements and individual requests. 


We glide skillfully on and perform well on the international stage and within the most diverse worlds. Our expertise serves as a platform for interests of tourism, economy, education and research, politics and technology. Above all we aim to connect people of Chinese and European cultures and we would like to help them appreciate the greatness of each other's worlds as well as to recognize similarities between these cultures. 

You can expect an extra amount of insight and experience, possibilities and relatedness from us.

Eva Märzendorfer-Chen

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